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Childrens Frames

A great range of children’s frames, sports goggles and contact lenses

Lesley is an experienced childrens eyecare specialist, highly knowledgeable and skilled in her field. We offer a range of services and products for our younger patients, from fabulous frames to prescription sports goggles. In addition to traditional contact lenses, we are also delighted to offer the game changing Nocturnal lenses, where children* as young as ten can benefit from overnight vision correction.

We know how active the younger generation are – playing sports in and out of school. Did you know we supply and fit prescription sports and swimming goggles? NHS vouchers can be used towards prescription sports eyewear.

Children’s prescription sunglasses, sports and swimming goggles

Childrens Prescription Eyewear

Contact lenses, whether daily or monthly, allow younger people to enjoy the benefits of not wearing glasses. There is no minimum age for contact lenses, but we recommend ten is a good age as a guide. For some children with a short-sight prescription of -4.50D or less could benefit from the game changing Nocturnal lenses.

Children’s daily, monthly and vision correction contact lens options

Young girl having an eye exam

Does your child have specific  needs? We have offer services including nocturnal lenses and OCT scans.

Myopia control through nocturnal lenses

Clinical studies are now showing that short-sight can be reduced by as much as 43% with the orthokeratology process that Nocturnal lenses use. So now Nocturnal lenses can provide kids naturally good eyesight during the day AND the potential for their short-sight to be reduced long term.

Nocturnal lenses are great for people with – 4.50D or less of short-sight. It is especially suitable for children and can be fitted as soon as they are considered mature enough for contact lenses.

Kids tend to have very active lifestyles with school, playing and sports and benefit from the natural vision Nocturnal contact lenses provide. Myopia control is the term used when a special optical correction is given that reduces the amount of short-sight that is expected to develop.

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