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 Spectacles for the workplace: what do you need to know?

At Lesley Dobbie Optometrists we pride ourselves in finding the best frames and lenses for your needs and budget. Dorothy Taylor our Dispensing optician can provide you with the detailed information and advice to perfectly tailor your spectacles to you and your lifestyle.

No matter what kind of spectacles you purchase, the following points are crucial when making your selection:

  • What purpose are the new spectacles intended for?

  • What are the conditions in which you will be wearing your spectacles, both professionally and privately.

  • What did and didn’t you like about your old spectacles?

  • What lens coatings may be appropriate?


As an independent optometrist we are able to use any lenses available in the UK, however our preferred lens supplier is Zeiss who have long been the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics. Zeiss outstanding range of lenses and coatings have a solution for everyone. For higher powers, high-index materials  may be the best solution for you to minimise the weight and thickness of the lenses. Lens enhancements such as anti-reflective coatings and hard coatings are also important considerations.

Specialised lenses are also available such as Drivesafe which can improve your vision while driving in the dark, and Photofusion lenses that darkens and lighting with changing sun levels.

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Single-vision lenses

These lenses provide vision at either distance or near

Progressive lenses – crystal-clear, sharp vision at all distances

Progressive lenses, though they are very common today, are small optical masterpieces. The goal is to create spectacles that enable you to see as if you had your original good vision without spectacles. Moreover, a progressive lens should not only facilitate sharply focused vision when you look straight ahead through it, but also when you look to either side or up and down. Therefore we can provide many different levels of quality and degrees of customization for you to choose from. We will  provide you with detailed advice, so that you can get the best from your new spectacles enjoy natural vision.

Occupational lenses

Reading lenses correct vision at one specific distance, however this is not always suitable, especially if you use a computer which is normally further away than a normal reading distance.

To overcome this problem occupational lenses have been designed so that  computer users can read their paperwork, see their keyboard and look at their monitor or laptop.

Types of Lenses

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