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Women Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

The Freedom of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are more comfortable than ever to wear and offer freedom from glasses. We offer a vast range of contact lenses, ensuring the best fit and most current lenses available. Most lenses are available on a planned replacement scheme and patients can benefit from a discounted Direct Debit payment option. For prescriptions of -4.50D or less we can also provide overnight corrective contact lenses.

The technology of contact lenses has advanced in recent years so that they are more suitable for a wider range of prescriptions. We provide a fully comprehensive contact lens fitting service coupled with independent advice. This ensures you receive the most comfortable lenses providing optimum vision. At Lesley Dobbie Optometrists we ensure we remain at the forefront of advances in contact lens technology as improved designs and materials are constantly introduced to the existing product ranges.

During the contact lens consultation, various measurements relating to the curvature and prescription of the eye are taken. The health of the front surface of the eye is also checked thoroughly. A trial pair of lenses is inserted during the appointment if appropriate to establish an accurate fit and prescription. This also enables you to get a ‘feel’ for the lenses.

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We are delighted to be one of Ayrshire’s only providers of the game changing Nocturnal lenses. These vision-correcting lenses offer multiple benefits to people with a short sighted prescription (– 4.50D or less)

Wearing conventional lenses during the day can be problematic. Air-conditioned offices or dusty working environments can cause dry eyes, loss of lenses or discomfort.

Wearing lenses for sports such as rock climbing, sailing and swimming can be very limiting.

For many, laser eye surgery is not for them. With Nocturnal Lenses, you can enjoy a similar freedom but without the invasive, irreversible procedure.

Overnight Vision Correction Lenses

Women Wearing Contact Lenses
  • Prescription of – 4.50D or less

  • Children and young adults

Who is suitable to wear Nocturnal Lenses?

How Nocturnal Lenses work

These gas permeable lenses gently reshape the cornea, reversing its focusing power to reduce myopia (short-sightedness). Worn overnight while you sleep, and simply removing in the morning when you wake leaves you with normal vision all day long. Multiple benefits include the freedom to be active during the day without wearing contact lenses or glasses for clear, natural vision.

The process is very straightforward. After an initial consultation, we use a corneal topographer to map out your eyeball, producing highly tailored and advanced lenses.

Nocturnal lenses are supplied and fitted, with subsequent appointments to ensure you are satisfied with the fit and comfort.

Further appointments would be scheduled at regular intervals as they would conventional lenses.

Initial supply and fit is £200, with a monthly direct debit comparable to that of a monthly lens subscription. This covers:

  • All aftercare appointments

  • Replacement lenses on an annual basis

  • One additional lens replacement per year if lost or damaged

  • GP multi cleaning storing solution

  • 20% discount on sunglasses and additional solutions


Children and Young people can benefit hugely from nocturnal lenses too.

Boy Wearing Nocturnal Lenses

These are soft lenses designed to be worn once only and then disposed of. Each lens is sterile and packed individually to ensure safe and easy wear. They can be worn everyday or just occasionally eg. sports or social wear.

Daily Disposables

Types of Contact Lenses

For more frequent wear, a monthly or two-weekly disposable lens may be more suitable. These are designed for daily wear and require a regular but simple cleaning process.

Frequent Replacement Disposables

Toric lenses are necessary for people with astigmatism (asymmetry of the front surface of the eye) and provide clearer vision. They are available as daily, monthly or annual replacement lenses.

Toric Lenses

These are made of a rigid material and are slightly smaller in diameter than a soft lens. These can be worn for longer hours than soft lenses and are designed for frequent daily use. Available as annual/biannual replacement.

Gas Permeable Lenses

These lenses are suitable for people who currently wear varifocal spectacles and provide clear vision at near and far distances. Available as daily, frequent replacement or annual replacement lenses.

(Multifocal) Lenses

For people who fall outside the parameters of monthly lenses an annual lens may be recommended. They can be tailor made to correct your prescription accurately and normally last for one year. The cleaning process and wearing schedule is similar to monthly/two weekly disposable lenses.

Annual Replacement Soft Lenses

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