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Nocturnal Lenses

At present, we are the only practice in South Ayrshire providing Nocturnal lenses, which are unique lenses that reduce your short-sightedness as you sleep. The lenses are removed in the morning to give you clear vision all day – ideal for people who play sport, swim or are unable to tolerate conventional contact lenses.

These lenses are especially suitable for children and can be fitted as soon as they are mature enough to look after them. These lenses can also be used for myopia control i.e to reduce the amount of short sightedness that a child may develop.

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Nocturnal lenses Overnight Vision Correction

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All four of our Optometrists are qualified as Independent Prescribers. Independent Prescribing enables optometrists to clinically assess a patient, establish a diagnosis, determine the clinical management required and prescribe where necessary, without the need for a trip to the doctor or hospital eye clinic.

This is in addition to the Eyecare Ayrshire scheme that rolled our last year, where in Ayrshire if you have an eye problem of any kind your local optometrist should be your first port of call.  Through the scheme all participating optometrists can prescribe a limited range of medication without the need to visit your GP.

Independant Prescribing

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